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ROUGHS (Mineral Specimens) from StoneBridge Imports in Canada. Rough Mineral Specimens Wholesale: mineral crystals, mineral clusters, mineral slices and slabs, mineral on matrix and other amazing formations you can find here.From thumbnail specimens to museum quality and size display specimens, you can see thousands of crystals and mineral specimens direct from the mines around …

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Greenstone Fine Mineralia specializes in fine mineral specimens with great color and aesthetics, and we always try to find specimens that are unique, unusual, or otherwise extraordinary. Here you will find fine minerals from around the world and of many different species including fluorite, rhodochrosite, calcite, beryl, quartz, halite ...

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Rare, interesting, or otherwise beautiful mineral specimens that are just too pretty to cut up. Geodes Geodes Grape Agate Grape Agate ... On Sale Pyrite Specimen Pyrite Specimen ... Rutile Quartz Point Rutile Quartz Point was $124.00 ...

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Below is a gallery of Gem Mineral specimens for sale from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY.Included in this group are crystallized gems for sale of Tourmaline (rubellite, elbaite, indicolite), Beryl (aquamarine, heliodor, morganite, emerald), Spodumene (kunzite, hiddenite), Opal, Diaspore, Topaz, Corundum (sapphire, ruby).

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Shop raw rutilated quartz crystals, genuine natural rough rutilated quartz loose stones for sale. About Rutilated Quartz Rutilated quartz acts as a two-way antenna, amplifying and broadcasting your intention, as well as helping you channel messages and Light from the Universe. Visit Rutilated Quartz Meaning & Properties for more about the benefits of rutilated quartz.

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Rutile - Cluster of black stubby Rutile crystals with deep striations, many of which appear to be twinned, to 1cm. Comes with an old George English Collection label. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.

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Rutile is a common accessory mineral in high-temperature and high-pressure metamorphic rocks and in igneous rocks.. Thermodynamically, rutile is the most stable polymorph of TiO 2 at all temperatures, exhibiting lower total free energy than metastable phases of anatase or brookite. Consequently, the transformation of the metastable TiO 2 polymorphs to rutile is irreversible.

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3833 Rutilated Quartz. Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil 7.2 x 3.1 x 2.3 cm $75. 3825 Rose Quartz Crystals on Albite with Minor Muscovite. Rose Quartz crystal locality (Pegmatite 24), Newry, Oxford Co., Maine 8.3 x 12.9 x 7.2 cm SOLD. 2522 Rutile Epitaxial Growth on Hematite on Double Terminated Quartz. Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil 7.2 x 4.7 x 3.8 ...

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A group of rutilated quartz specimens. This group of three clear to smokey quartz specimens each displays acicular rutile crystal inclusions. No collection locality information is provided for these specimens. This item has been examined and verified by an …

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I've posted some excellent new specimens in this Brazil Update (click here).This update is a mix of great pieces from various finds and localities. Among them, there is a superb spessartine from the 2003 pocket at the Navegadora Mine and a gorgeous rutile star with glass-clear pale smoky quartz crystals over it.

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Rutilated Quartz Crystals For Sale. Majestic Quartz stocks the very best in both natural and polished examples of Rutilated Quartz crystals for sale! Rutilated Quartz crystals have Rutile needles formed inside. The Rutiles form, then the Quartz crystal solidifies and forms over the top.

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Epitaxial Rutile reticulated growth on a tabular former Ilmenite crystal pseudomorphed by Rutile and Hematite. Mwinilunga District, North-Western Province Zambia (05/2007) Specimen size: 6.8 × 4.8 × 2 cm = 2.68" × 1.89" × 0.79"

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Rutile crystals and rutile mineral specimens at mineralminers.com: your on-line link direct to the rutile mines for natural rutile crystals with metallic luster and deep red …

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Crystallized Oxides For Sale - Oxide Minerals For Sale including: Cassiterite, Chrysoberyl, Brookite, Corundum, Cuprite, Goethite, Hematite, Manganite, Rutile, Spinel, Uraninite Below is a gallery of Oxide Group minerals for sale from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY.

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Brookite, Anatase & Rutile from Pakistan US$ € EURO ¥ YEN £ POUND CAN$ AUS$ Note (click on highlighted pictures to enlarge) No. BROOK PAK 7062 - $ 750.00 Brookite on Quartz Locality: Kharan, Baluchistan, Pakistan Specimen Size: 9.5 x 6.2 x 4.7 cm (cabinet)

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Collector's Edge Minerals in Golden, Colorado is the world's premier source for exquisite mineral specimens for sale. Since 1984, the Collector's Edge has operated numerous mining projects, has purchased many significant private mineral collections, and has developed mine-direct sources for mineral specimens all around the globe.

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D16-61 Rutile on Pyrophyllite $1,250.00 Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 4.0 x 2.8 cm Champion Mine, White Mountains, Laws, Mono County, California, USA (4 more images)

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Rutile - A cluster of dark red Rutile crystals, the largest of which is doubly terminated and measures 3cm, with an excellent adamantine luster perched on matrix covered with a thin layer of gray iridescent Hematite. The red color really comes out in the photos due to the intense lighting we use and in hand the adamantine luster masks the deep internal color. Another excellent specimen from ...

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The most common member of the Rutile Group.Rutile is one of the five forms of titanium dioxide, TiO 2, found in nature. Sellaite (magnesium fluoride, MgF 2) also has a rutile-type structure.Compare 'UM1987-04-O:Ti'. Note on the type locality: Since Werner introduced rutile in 1800, Horcajuelo de la Sierra (originally erronously reported as Cajuelo) in the province of Burgos in Spain has been ...

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Rutilated quartz is also known as "Venus hair stone", "Cupid's darts" and "Fleches d'amour". Perfect polished specimens are difficult to obtain due to the hardness difference between Quartz (which is 7 on the Mohs scale), and Rutile (which is 6 on the Mohs scale). Most Polished Rutilated quartz will have small pits or fractures


Mineral Specimens For Sale. ANNIVERSARY SALE ~ ALL SPECIMENS 20% OFF : If there is a specific mineral specimen you are looking for and you don't see it on our website, please send us an e-mail. We have more than 5,000 mineral specimens in our inventory and we just may have that specimen that you've been looking for.

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Jul 30, 2017· There is increasing evidence of rutile's value and usefulness in rock and mineral research. Microanalysis of tiny specimens of rutile can be used to decipher the timing and conditions of petrological processes, according to one recent scholarly article, and research spearheaded by Thomas Zack (of the Department of Earth Sciences, at University of Gothenburg) has identified a new method …


HIMALAYAN RUTILATED QUARTZ ALBITE. An amazing cluster of Himalayan Rutilated Quartz Albite from high in the Nepalese Himalayas. A great, rustic cluster with several perfect crystals with inclusions of minerals, rutile, chlorite and perhaps others. The matrix on this piece is feldspar and chlorite. There is a broken crystal on the cluster.

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For sale is a specimen of dark gray goethite and orange-brown limonite that is a complete pseudomorph after cubic pyrite crystals from the Plains of Arenalejos in Spain. The original pyrite crystals are sharp and interlocking, forming a very attractive and complex cluster. The specimen is professionally mounted on a polished acrylic base.