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SMEX - Making Concrete Sleepers (Ties)

Concrete Sleepers Background. Photo 1.Concrete sleepers Tradionally sleepers (ties) have been wood, usually hardwood, but there are a number of reasons to consider alternate materials. Sleepers made from recycled plastic have also been used successfully, but other materials can be used too. In particular concrete is used increasingly in full size practice, and there is no reason why these ...

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The high-quality sleeper produced by the IHP system is the result of well proven production techniques rather than the individual skill of the personnel involved in the manufacturing process. It is sometimes claimed as an advantage that the post-tensioned concrete sleeper can be made shorter than the pretension sleeper because of the need to ...

Concrete sleeper production plants | Vollert Anlagenbau

Concrete sleeper production plants Nowadays, railways and railway networks are equipped with concrete sleepers. Industrial preproduction and highly automated machine technology is needed to meet the high demand from private industry and the public sector.

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bed systems for railway sleepers ... Process induced prestress losses in long bed systems for railway sleepers ... The qualities of prestressed concrete sleepers during the manufacturing process called "The Long Line Method" vary widely depending on initial conditions. Mainly, the initial prestress on the steel reduces significantly during


Railway sleepers are cast upside down and they are turned automatically during the demoulding stage. Long-Line plants are characterised by the use of the bonded tendon system, which is a remarkable saving in the production of concrete railway sleepers because with it products as they are on the market, i.e. without any further processing or ...

Railway Prestress Concrete Sleepers

GITA Group is the number one manufacturer of Railway Prestress Concrete Sleepers. Concrete sleepers are used for broad gauge railway tracks. Currently, we fulfill around 14% of the total requirement of the Indian Railways which will go up to 25% in the next 2 years.

Recycled plastic railway sleepers: a sustainable ...

Nov 06, 2019· A Sleeper Lateral Stability Test was designed to compare the alternative sleepers against timber sleepers in terms of lateral resistance. The testing confirmed that the plastic-composite sleepers' load bearing capabilities and durability made them a safe, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to timber sleepers.

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One describes a railroad sleeper (1) for fixation of at least a pair of rails (2,2') of a railroad network, comprising a contact surface (3), wherein each rail of the pair of rails (2,2') is fixed spaced apart from each other, the railroad sleeper (1) being configured by comprising a hollow sector (4) delimited by association of the contact surface (3) with the anchorage walls (5,5'), thus ...

Production Process | Abetong AB in Sweden

The sleeper beams are left to cure inside the mould overnight and the day after cut into individual sleepers using a diamond cutting unit. The production method of Abetong starts with handling of incoming raw material and ends first when the sleepers are equipped with fastening components and ready to be loaded onto the railway wagons or trucks.


This production process enables production of around 300 sleepers per day per production line. The moulds are arranged here in lines of over 100 m length. Turnout sleepers can also be produced by this long-line prestressing bed process, with lengths of 80 up to 100 m. Demand-driven production Maximum compatibility with rail-fastening components

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Rail 2 Rail (Pty) Ltd is driven by both the allure of rail and the opportunity to create well-functioning rail infrastructure on the continent. Our aim is to be a world-class provider of quality concrete railway sleepers in Sub-Saharan Africa, servicing public and private rail networks.

Composite Sleepers | Plastic Railway Sleepers For Railroad Use

The construction and installation process is simple, and the composite railway sleepers can be sawed, planed, nailed, screwed and glued with ordinary woodworking tools. The composite railway sleepers have low thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, high anti-seismic, compressive, tensile and flexural strength.

Concrete sleepers production plants | Vollert Anlagenbau

The plant specialist Vollert is implementing a new concrete sleeper production plant in Baku. In conjunction with this, apart from development services for the modern plant technology, the company is also providing extensive engineering services for the planning and realisation of the track system for the Azerbaijanian capital's underground railway.

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Rail Anchor Production Process. ... 8 steps of elastic rail clips production process Tips for screw spike installation in railway sleepers Railway turnout and guard rail function overview Steel rail corrosion and material options Understanding of rail joint types and rail track seam.

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Welcome to our new website and platform! We are Railway Wooden Sleepers (Mardones BPB Creosote Treaters S.A.), a firm with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing treated and non-treated sleepers for national and international clients.

What Wood Are Railway Sleepers Made Of?

What wood are railway sleepers made of? You should be asking. At the different sections of the tracks, for example, common track section, turnout track section, bridge track section, etc., we often have to select different kinds of wood to meet different conditions and environments.

High quality sleeper engineering at contract-winning prices

High quality sleeper engineering at contract-winning prices. RMS is a leading global provider of pre-stressed concrete sleeper technology. This is our entire focus. RMS has built a global reputation for delivering complete, high quality sleeper design, manufacturing …

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Sep 29, 2017· Steel rail, we also called rails, tracks, is an important element of the rail system.The steel rail is used with rail joint and railway fasteners like rail clip, railraod tie plate, turnouts to make the train run fast and steady without steering. As we know, the rail system is composed of the two parallel rails and sleepers. The steel rails are fixed on the sleepers, and under the rail sleeper ...

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The machine pulls in pre-cast railway sleepers with a total weight of up to 55 tonnes. The sleepers are stopped in the correct position and then cuts. The machine cuts through four sleepers with a reinforcement of 40 seconds and then unloads them automatically. This process is …

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Switch or crossing railway sleepers vary in length from 2.60 m. to 5 m. or more; industrial railway sleepers are 1.80 m. to 2 m., and crossings generally 1.30 m. to 2 m. The useful life of a railway sleeper depends upon its resistance to fungi, insects, and mechanical pressure.

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Every kind of railway sleeper has its own advantages and dis advantages. Wooden railway sleeper. Wooden sleeper is a traditional type of railway sleeper. As of today, wooden sleeper still hold the largest share of railway sleeper market. Especially in the North America, wooden tie take 93% of railway sleepers.

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Railway Sleepers Manufacturing plant? 24. What is the Sensitivity Analysis-Price/Volume of Precast RCC Railway Sleepers Manufacturing plant? 25. What are the Projected Pay-Back Period and IRR of Precast RCC Railway Sleepers Manufacturing Business? 26. What is the Process Flow Sheet Diagram of Precast RCC Railway Sleepers Manufacturing project?

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Railway Technology is using cookies. ... Railway sleepers, or railroad ties as they are known in the US, are a somewhat unglamorous component of the rail industry. ... but as the manufacturing process becomes more refined and affordable for the sleeper market it seems there will be little standing in the way of composites catching up and ...

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The timber sleepers nearly fulfilled all the requirements of ideal sleepers and hence they are universally used. The wood used may be like teak, sal etc or it may be coniferous like pine. The salient features of timber/wooden sleepers with advantages and disadvantages.