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MICON-Drilling offers an extensive product line of high quality Raise Bore equipment, including drill rods, stabilizers and subs. We provide custom-made equipment on request. We use only high quality steel, which is produced according to MICON specifications.

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Hand tool - Hand tool - Drilling and boring tools: A varied terminology is related to making holes with revolving tools. A hole may be drilled or bored; awls, gimlets, and augers also produce holes. An awl is the simplest hole maker, for, like a needle, it simply pushes material to one side without removing it. Drills, gimlets, and augers, however, have cutting edges that detach material to ...

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We are the industry leader in raise boring rock drilling tools with a rich history of providing high quality products. View our range of raise boring tools now! Cookies on the Epiroc website. ... the stem has the most grueling task in the raise boring system. Transferring machine thrust …

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Dec 12, 2013· Raise drilling is used to create large drill holes -- up to 7.6 meters in diameter. The holes, or tunnels, are used to connect mine shafts, power plant tunnels or channels for rainwater and ...

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Boring & Drilling Bits - Industrial Quality from Amana Tool. Quick Release Boring Bit with Adjustable Depth-Stop. Quick Release Boring Bit with Adjustable Depth-Stop; Hinge Boring Bits. Diamond Tipped Hinge Boring Bits; Fractional Size Right Hand Boring Bits with Spurs; Hinge Boring Bits 57mm Long 3/8 Shank for Drill Presses

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How to Raise the Handle Bars on Your Bike: So your riding along and after a bit, your back and neck really start aching. You start wondering what's wrong on your bike, well guess what's your problem? It's that your handle bars are just too low. In this inscrutable i'll fix just that. So y...

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The Raise Boring Rig (RBR) developed by Herrenknecht is designed for the construction of shafts in rock down to 2,000 meters in depth. Thanks to its compact design, it offers high flexibility even under space constraints and is therefore suitable for various applications in the mining industry.

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Raiseboring Tools 2 Mining Corp. Group Mining Corp. Group 3 Who we are: Since 1921, has stood for unrivaled quality and reliability. Our enduring global success stems from the principles of our founder, Meitaro Takeuchi, who envisioned a sustainable future built through globalization, quality first, technology innovation and

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The Standard (7/8" x 1/2") or Heavy Duty (1" x 9/16") Flex-Alloy™ Drill Rod is the lightest and perhaps strongest in the industry. Constructed of alloy mechanical quality tubing and heattreated to offer tensile and yield of 120,000 – 180,000 psi, it gives both durability & fl exibility in the most diffi cult boring …

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the sbu-a can bore through rock 4,000 – 25,000 psi ucs (25 – 170 mpa) That means you can excavate rock without the hassle of pneumatic hammers or other less effective tools. You will be able to excavate rock faster on small diameter drives than any other method available.

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The Large Bore Valve System is the oldest of the four off-road tire valve systems. Below are the basic components of a Large Bore Valve System. All Large Bore Valves can be serviced with any of the Large Bore air chucks, gauges, and tools found in the Haltec Catalog. As with all off-road valve systems, there are many customized products available.

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TRANSCO refurbishes a large variety of raise bore equipment . From drill pipe, stabilizers, stems, reamers, hole openers, lifting equipment, specialized down hole equipment, rig components and many more. All threads are reworked utilizing CNC machinery.

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Jun 22, 2012· Advances in raise boring 22 June 2012 Advances in the design and construction of reaming heads and rock tools has seen the technique of raise boring become increasingly effective to the point where it can now be used in very hard rock, in confined urban areas, and in deep underground locations, writes Goran Strand of Mining and Construction

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Jan 24, 1978· The raise bore drill bit has a drive stem 9 which has a tapered threaded opening 10 at its upper end to provide a threaded connection to drill pipe. The drill bit stem 9 is cylindrical in shape and provided with hard metal wear pads 11 along the main body thereof.

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Tech Talk: How to Raise your Handlebars A common complaint among customers is that "I'm leaning over too much on my bike." This is often the result of buying a bike that is too small for you, or buying the wrong style of bike for your needs (e.g. getting a road bike when you should have bought a hybrid bike).


The original and most traditional series of Raise Boring Machines is the TR (Terratec Raise) series. These machines are designed to execute raises by Raise-Boring method only. These drills can be manufactured for the excavation of up-reamed large shafts in diameter up to 6,000mm in a single pass. 4 TERRATEC RAISE BORING MACHINES 5 TR SERIES

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Coring Tools; Cementing Tools. The float shoe or float collar; Cementing Plugs; Polyurethane Piston; Downhole Servicing. Casing Scraper; Hydraulic Junk Retriever; Short Catch Overshot; The Sucker Overshot; Stock/Inventory; Raise Boring Drill Pipe/Raise Drills Drill Stem; Drilling Fluids. Weighting materials. Barite (API 13A) Hematite ...

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Large Bore Tool (1) Quick Change Valve Tool (1) Shur-Lock Valve Core Tool (1) Standard Bore Core Tool (2) Standard Bore Tool (5) TPMS Stem Repair Kit (1) Tube Standard Bore (1) Valve Breaker (2) Valve Cap Core Remover (2) Valve Core Extractor (2) Valve Fishing Tool (2) Valve Installer Tool (1) Valve Stem Installation Tool (1) Valve Stem and ...

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Wide range of applications. Mechanized shaft construction has become increasingly important in a wide range of applications. The Herrenknecht Raise Boring Rig and reaming heads boost the efficiency of shaft construction for the transport of muck or ores, conveyor shafts, supply shafts for energy, water and air, or headrace shafts for hydropower plants - safely, precisely and cost-effectively.

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We are the industry leader in raise boring rock drilling tools with a rich history of providing high quality products. View our range of raise boring tools now! Cookie. Cookie 。 ... Stems. As a connector between the reamer and drillstring, the stem has the most grueling task in the raise boring ...

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Drillstem Test Tools. Conventional drillstem testing (DST) is a proven and cost-effective means of evaluating a well. Halliburton improves on the technique by integrating existing technology with recent developments in DST tools and sampling technologies. Drillstem Test Tools.

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Screw the valve stem tool over the stem and turn the tool clockwise to tighten. Maintain pressure on the valve stem from the inner side and prevent the stem from rotating with the tool. Pull the valve stem through the rim by placing the handle of the tool against the rim. Press down on the end to create enough leverage to raise the stem.

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raise boring equipment • Pilot drilling Conventional raise boring begins with the drilling of a pilot hole. It is drilled using a roller bit with sealed bearings, together with hollow drill pipes 1.5 m in length with an international standard thread for high–torque applications.

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Raiseboring tools The rotary drilling method of boring large diameter holes for the mining and construction industries has proven to be very cost effective. Raiseboring has gained worldwide acceptance as the preferred method for constructing ventilation and hoisting shafts, ore passes and hydroelectric penstocks.